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  Rules of the Local Accommodation "O Cantinho da Avó  "
O Cantinho da Avó “, was classified by the Regional Government of the Azores, as accommodation of tourism in a rural area of ​​quality above average, based on certain rules that we refer to;

1- Hours:

Check Out - Until 11 o'clock

Check In - From 3 pm

2- Maximum number of adults: T2 = 4

3- Maximum number of adults: T1 = 2

4- Number of double rooms: T2 = 2 and T1 = 1

5- Laundry service, works between 9.00 and 12 noon, delivered to the assistant who handles Clothes.

    - For stays of 6 nights or more, the laundry service is free.

    - For stays less than 5 nights the laundry service is paid with the following table, per unit;

         • Shirts / Blouses - 3.50 euros

         • Pants - 3.50 euros

        • Skirt - 3.50 euros

        •    Underwear ; 1.00 euro

6- Room cleaning service between 9.00 and 12 noon

7- Parking: free in the park in front of the building.

8 - Use of the Jacuzzi, exclusively for guests staying in "O Cantinho da Avó", for the T2 rental option. Guests can not come directly from the sea and use the Jacuzi, they must first go through fresh water.

9- White towels, it is forbidden to use outside the "Grandmother's Corner".

9 - Blue Towels, for outdoor use and left in the outstretched.

10- The robes are to be used exclusively in Cantinho da Avó.

11- No smoking indoors.

12- Forbidden to take animals to the Cantinho da Avó.

13- Parties and events are not allowed.

 14- It is not allowed the entrance of people who are not hosted in the

Cantinho do Avó, without knowledge and presence of the owners.

15- The Wine, is available at the Louceiro, at the list price, must leave the Housekeeper the corresponding value (available for T2).